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Four Signs Your Sunburn Might Actually Be Sun Poisoning


It can be easy to mistake sun poisoning for a really, horribly bad sunburn—one you simply have to get over and hope for the best. However, sun poisoning can actually be dangerous, leading to fatalities in the worst of untreated cases. One minute you could be lounging on one of many popular North Carolina coast rentals, with the sunshine blaring on your skin, and the next moment you could be burnt to a shiny-red crisp. It happens that quickly.

This article gives you the know-how on signs that say your sunburn is actually sun poisoning.

1) Feelings of Deliriousness or Severe Dizziness

Sun poisoning affects how your mind and body work in tandem because you are often in a lot of pain when you move around. This pained feeling in and of itself could cause mild delirium, but sun poisoning is toxic enough to make you feel delirious, delusional, and severely dizzy when you stand.

2) Fever and Chills Accompanied by Severe Skin Redness and Blistering of the Sunburn

Your body treats sun poisoning like any other toxic illness. Ergo, while trying to combat the toxins from a severe burn, your body will be wracked with chills and a high fever. This is accompanied by severe redness of the burn (moreso than is normal for a regular sunburn), as well as blistering of the skin on and around the burn. These blisters will be fluid-filled, painful to the touch, and fast in their development.

3) Horrible Nausea with Pain and/or Intense Tingling on the Sunburn

When your skin tingles after a sunburn, it’s usually due to your body sending healing elements to attempt to combat and repair your skin cells. However, this tingling feeling becomes intense, almost like a horrible itch, when you have sun poisoning. It’s also accompanied by nausea and a bad pain in your stomach, as your body’s unease over the poison toxin can wreak havoc on your digestive system.

4) Inflammation and Puffiness on/around Sunburn

Usually, sun poisoning begins with inflammation and/or puffiness around and on the sunburn. It looks normal at first, but it becomes painful to the touch, especially on the outskirts of the burn itself. You might even develop a white ring around the sunburn, which is commonly the sign of an infection waiting to happen.

Regardless of whether your symptoms are prevalent on this list or not, you should absolutely seek medical attention if you experience any of these symptoms or have the smallest inkling that a sunburn could turn toxic.