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Monthly Archive: June 2017

Three Ways to Sell Your Recreational Vehicle


When it comes time for you to sell your recreational vehicle, the question becomes how best to sell my rv? There are many options to consider, but the following are among the most important to think about, both the advantages and disadvantages.

Sell it privately to another individual

This is often a person’s first thought, and there is one great advantage to it. You will have a chance at getting the best price possible. You can also invest some money into fixing up your RV. Depending upon what type of repairs you do or improvements you make, you are likely to get your money back plus more. The downside is that you need to spend some money to advertise, and even then, it may take some time to sell the vehicle. However, if you are inclined towards maximizing the value of your RV and have the time to wait, this may be a good choice.

Sell it to a dealer

A dealer will not give you a good price for your RV compared to selling it privately, but they will take it off your hands quickly. Often a dealer will give you a good value for a trade-in if you are looking to upgrade to a new RV. This is especially true if your old RV is a brand and type they sell on their lot. If not, they will be resold to a distributor or wholesale dealer, and this means they won’t be giving much money for it. On the upside, a new dealer can make money on a variety of things such as maintenance and accessories for a new RV owner. Dealerships want to sell you a new RV and have you return for other products and services in the future. They are motivated to give you a good price if you are using trading in your old RV.

Sell to an RV buyer

These people buy Rvs and will come directly to your home to look your vehicle over and make you an offer. Although you will not get as much as you would welling your RV privately, they will offer more than a dealer would, and you will not have to buy a new RV. This type of selling method offers a good compromise between a traditional dealer and selling the RV yourself. The speed at which a transaction can be made can be as quick as a single day.

The three ideas on selling your RV represent the most common ways to go about it. Another would be an auction, but you can never be sure exactly how much you will get when the hammer comes down on the final bid.